4D Jackpot Differences I

4D Jackpot Differences - Damacai, Magnum, Sportstoto, Sabah 88

4D Jackpot Differences

This game is a little special to explain. For your information, we found that the different lottery companies that offer the 4D Jackpot, share similar and different rules to their game. For that very reason, we’ll list out the differences that all of the lottery companies offer.

Magnum 4D Jackpot Differences

We note that there is a cosmetic difference towards the naming convention of the bet types for the 4D Jackpot. In addition to that cosmetic variation, the Magnum corporation offers a type of bet that’s unique on its own called the M-System bet. With that in mind, we’ll list out the differences of the 4D Jackpot that Magnum offers.

Box Bet

In terms of the Box bet type, Magnum brands it as Permutation Play. Essentially, the concept of the bet type is the same offered by other lottery companies. To avoid confusion amongst players, a “PMxx*” will be indicated beside the number that you choose to permutate/ ”Pau”.
* xx being the number of permutations available for your chosen number.

M-System Play

Since a normal System bet allows you to play more than 1 pair of 4D numbers, what if you wish to buy more….for less? With M-system play, your wish is realized! This type of play brings your conventional System bet to a whole new level, allowing you to buy at least 10 numbers up to 50 numbers. What’s great about this type of play is that it…..waitforitonly costs RM10 for 10 numbers! Also, the buy-in amount for 50 numbers is RM50 so that makes it RM1 per 4D number. The best part of the game is, you can opt to Roll, Box (or Permutate) or take a Lucky Pick, all to your liking!

For instance, for a M-System 18, you can either buy 18 straight numbers, buy a mixture of roll, permutation or straight numbers as well. Say, 1818 PM6, R534, 5767 & 9105. That’s 18 numbers in total. With RM18, you have 153 chances of winning!

Of course, the less you pay means the less you win as well. That means, should you win the Jackpot, be it Jackpot 1 or Jackpot 2, you win a partial amount of the Jackpot. We’ll illustrate the table of winnings as below:

Table of Winnings

If 2 of your numbers match…
M-System Buy
2 of the Top 3 Prizes
1 of the Top 3 + 1 Special Prize
1/14 of Jackpot 1
1/14 of Jackpot 2
1/29 of Jackpot 1
1/29 of Jackpot 2
1/49 of Jackpot 1
1/49 of Jackpot 2

If 1 of your numbers match….
M-System Buy
1 of the Top 3 Prizes
1 Special Prize
1 Consolation Prize

* mSB = M-System Bet

Here’s a fun fact about the M-System Bet: When a player wins either Jackpot via the M-System, their payouts are a partial sum of the Jackpot accumulated to that draw. The remaining sum of the Jackpot after the partial payout to players will be snowballed into the next draw.

The Jackpot Cascade

Another Fun Fact: Do you know that it’s 10x easier to win the Jackpot 2 than the Jackpot 1? Besides, the Jackpot 2 could exceed RM10 million – all thanks to the innovation of the Jackpot Cascading function. How does it work you might ask? Very simple! The Jackpot Cascade works in the order below:-

  1. When the prize money for Jackpot 1 accumulates beyond RM30million.
  2. There are no Jackpot 1 winner for that draw.
  3. And there’s one or maybe more Jackpot 2 winners for the draw.
  4. The Jackpot Cascade is triggered.
  5. When this happens, the Jackpot 1’s prize amount will be deducted by RM20 million.
  6. The remaining amount after deduction (of at least RM10 million) will be added to the prize for Jackpot 2.

See, it’s just that simple! With a little luck, any Jackpot 2 winner could stand a chance of getting a share of the Jackpot 1’s prize money. Note: If the prize payout is only a partial sum, the remaining amount will be snowballed into the subsequent draw.

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