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4D Jackpot Differences - Damacai, Magnum, Sportstoto, Sabah 88

Sports Toto 4D Jackpot Differences

Noticeably there are more cosmetic differences for Sports Toto than for Magnum. However, the system bet that the company offer shares the same concept as Magnum’s, albeit there’s a minimal difference to the rule of the game. Without further ado, we’ll list out the differences of the 4D Jackpot variation offered by Sports Toto.

Box Bet

It’s pretty much the same with Magnum’s in that it’s called “Permutation Bet”. However, there will be a *_ _ x indicated beside the number that you decide to permutate. * Note: ”_ _ “ stands for the number of permutations; “x” stands for Permutation.

Roll Bet

Roll, Roll, Roll your boat….(pun intended) The roll bet works exactly to the one we described in our earlier entries. Concept aside, there are only cosmetic differences to this bet that Sports Toto offers. For that purpose, we’ll show you an example to illustrate the differences available:

  1. *458 R1
  2. 83*8 R3

Can you spot the difference? With Sports Toto, “*” depicts the digit that you intend to roll ; “R” stands for roll.


The System bet works similarly to the one we described in our 4D Jackpot article. However, the difference is that the prize payout for Sports Toto works a little bit differently to that of the conventional payouts. With that in mind, we list out the payout structure of Sport’s Toto System-Play variation of the 4D Jackpot:

i-System Play

This type of bet is very similar in concept to the M-System offered by Magnum above. However, the difference is that you can only bet up to a maximum of 20 sets, from a minimum of 10 sets of 4D numbers. Besides, this system play offered by Sports Toto costs you a minimum of RM20 bet for 10 sets of 4D numbers.

Conceptual difference aside, you should keep in mind that the winning structure of the i-System Play is different to that of Magnum’s M-System bet. For that purpose, we’ll illustrate an example for you to understand better the partial prize payout for the i-System Play:

**Disclaimer: The pictures above are properties of Sports Toto. 4DKitty owns no claims to any intellectual property of any kind within the boundaries of this article.

As you can see, the prize payouts for both System Play & i-System Play offered by Sports Toto is different from that offered by Magnum. However, it is totally up to your liking to wager your bet on which platform as both has their own merits.

Sports Toto Game Rules

Prize Pool

  • The Prize Pool is 55% of the Total Stakes Collection, the amount of bets made on each draw.
  • Take note that Jackpot 1 is 55% of the Prize Pool (or 31% of the Total Stakes Collection) + an upfront of RM2,000,000 & any snowballed amount carried forward from previous draws.
  • The Jackpot 2 is technically 10% of the Prize Pool (or 5.5% of the Total Stakes Collection) + a guaranteed amount of RM100,000 & any snowballed amount carried forward from previous draws.


  • In any draw, when the Jackpot 1’s prize money has accumulated past RM30,000,000, is not won & there’s a winner for Jackpot 2, cascading will occur to the amount in excess of RM20,000,000 (or a minimum of RM10,000,000) and it will be added to the Jackpot 2.
  • There are only 2 scenarios:
    1. If there is no winner for Jackpot 2, the sum total from Jackpot 1 will not cascade into Jackpot 2 and will revert to its accumulation as per usual & nothing happens
    2. If there is 1 or more winner(s) for Jackpot 2, the amount described above will be cascaded into Jackpot 2 and the sum total will be distributed amongst winners in proportion to their bet amount & winning shares. Any balance after the apportionment will be snowballed for subsequent draws.
  • IF Jackpot 1 is won, no cascading effect will take place


  • If there are more than 1 winners for both Jackpot 1 & Jackpot 2, the respectively accrued Jackpot prizes will be sub-divided in proportion to the players’ bet amount & winning shares.
  • If the winners for both Jackpots are made up of i-System play type, and is not fully distributed, the remaining amount will be snowballed into the next draw.
  • In terms of the other prizes won, if the total winnings by players exceed the maximum sum of RM10,000,000, this amount shall be apportioned amongst players according to their bet amounts & winning shares.

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