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4D Jackpot Differences - Damacai, Magnum, Sportstoto, Sabah 88

Da Ma Cai 4D Jackpot Differences

Certainly, the most obvious difference to the 4D Jackpot that Damacai offers is its name – 1 + 3D Jackpot. However, there aren’t many differences to its play types that the game offers, albeit the name change. (It’s just cosmetic after all) Nevertheless, we’d still list out the differences to this variation, & any changes to its core concept below:

For continuity reasons, we shall use 1+3D as the main convention here instead of 4D

Roll Bet

The Roll bet is no stranger to you by now I hope. It basically allows you to roll a digit number, from 0 – 9 on your chosen 4-number combination. Interestingly, Damacai offers slightly more to the amount of digit numbers you can roll. With the roll bet at this lottery company, you can roll up to 2 digits for any of your 1+3D Jackpot number in any position!

1st 1+3D Number
2nd 1+3D Number
Payable Amount
(10x10x10) pairs x RM2 = RM2,000
(10x10x10x10) pairs x RM 2 = RM20,000


System Bet

The system bet offered by Damacai is conceptually the same as the ones offered by its competitors. However, what sets it apart from its competitors is that there are (almost) no boundaries to the sets of 1+3D numbers you can buy. That being said, the minimum number of sets you need to buy for a system is 3, & the maximum is…… a whopping 480!

System Bet (SB)
No. of 1+3D Numbers
No. of Pairs
Amount Payable


In order to make things easier for the average Joe to calculate his amount payable for the System Bet, Damacai has provided a general rule for calculation:

Bet Amount(RM)= SB(n) x (n-1)
No. of Pairs = Bet Amount(RM) / 2

1 + 3D Prize Structures

How To Win
Jackpot 1
Your chosen pair matches any 2 of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize
Jackpot 2
Your chosen pair matches 1 of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize & any 1 of the 10 Starter Prizes
3rd Prize
Any 1 1+3D number of your pair matches the 1st, 2nd & 3rd
4th Prize
Any 1 1+3D number of your pair matches the 10 Starter Prizes
5th Prize
Any 1 1+3D number of your pair matches the 10 Consolation Prizes


Prize Amount
Maximum Payout
Jackpot 1
Minimum RM2,000,000
Jackpot 2
Minimum RM100,000
>3rd Prize
4th Prize
5th Prize

Note: The Cascading effect starts when Jackpot 1 accumulates a cash prize of RM30,000,000 & above.

Share System Bet(SSB)

What is the Share System Bet, you might ask? Well, the SSB is a type of bet that allows you to buy a share of a System Bet. (hence the name) For your information, there are 2 types of SSB offered:

  1. House Share System Bet(HSSB);
  2. Player Share System Bet(PSSB)

So, in principle this type of bet works similarly to the i-Box bet type, in that you only pay a portion of the price of a full bet. However enticing it may be, you may only win a portion of the prize money as well. With that in mind, we’d like to inform you of the special features that the SSB has on offer:

  • With more pairing combinations, SSB increases your chances of winning a jackpot.
  • It becomes a lot more affordable to play costly System Bets.
  • Allows you to buy a share of a System Bet with your friends & family.

What’s most important is that…… This type of bet is only available at Damacai!

House Share System Bet

Ever thought how troublesome it is to find friends or family to pool money & buy an expensive System Bet? Well, the House Share System Bet provides you with the opportunity to buy shares of a System Bet………without having to find people to pool money! Now, you can buy as many shares of a System bet as you wish, depending on the availability of course. The House basically will split the shares amongst people, hence the affordability.

No. of Shares
Bet Amount/Share

Note: The type of HSSB available for sale is up to the sole discretion of Damacai ; You can also play your own favourite number combinations with the HSSB4, HSSB10 & HSSB20.

Player Share System Bet(PSSB)

Now you might think, HMM I don’t wanna share the riches with other people, but with only my friends & family, can I do that? Fret no more! We welcome the Player Share System Bet (or PSSB). The PSSB gives you the option to split any system bet with your friends & family without having to bear the whole cost to yourself. Furthermore, what’s so great about this system is that you get to share the winnings with your loved ones as well!

It works pretty easily, all you have to do is purchase in full, an even Share System Bet (SSB4,SSB8,SSB18,…..,etc). A ticket will then be printed out for each share of the PSSB purchased & each player will have their own to keep. So no more fretting over who keeps the lottery ticket!

How To Win?

Do you know? The jackpot won by SSB Bets are based on the number of shares purchased, & is subject to sharing if there are more than 1 winner during the draw.

We illustrate the jackpot winnings with the table below:

Amount Payable/Share(RM)
SSB Type
No. of Shares
Jackpot 1
Jackpot 2

The amount payable described above for Jackpot 1 is based on the minimum amount of RM2,000,000 & Jackpot 2 is based on the minimum amount of RM100,000.

When a SSB bet wins the 3rd,4th,5th Prize:
You get to win RM168 for the 3rd Prize, RM68 for the 4th Prize & RM28 for the 5th Prize for each share bought in the SSB.


Cost Comparison

To ease any confusion between the Share System Bet & the System Bet, we have provided a comparison table as below:

Disclaimer: Pictures illustrated in this article are properties of Damacai & 4DKitty owns no intellectual rights to any of the properties as listed.

Game Rules

  1. The Jackpot 1 consists of an upfront payment of RM2,000,000.00, 55% of the Prize Pool & any remaining amount snowballed from the previous Jackpot 1 draws.
  2. The Jackpot 2 consists of an upfront payment of RM100,000.00, 10% of the Prize Pool & any remaining amount snowballed from the previous Jackpot 2 draws.
  3. 55% of the Total Stakes Collection, the amount of bets made on a draw make up the Prize Pool.
  4. Furthermore, the Jackpot will be divided evenly according to the amount of bets made for each winner if there are more than 1 winners for the particular draw.
  5. One share of the Jackpot is the equivalent to a bet of RM2.
  6. The cascading effect, as described in our previous articles will take place if there are winner(s) for the Jackpot 2, but none for the Jackpot 1. Subject to terms & conditions as described of course
  7. A Reduced Prize Money Rule applies for the 3rd, 4th & 5th Prize if the total payout for the draw exceeds RM10,000,000.00 each.


Reduced Prize Money Rule?

Now you may wish to ask, what is this Reduced Prize Money Rule & how does it affect me? Well what we know for certain is that your payout amount will be reduced accordingly to the maximum total payout of RM10,000,000.00, accounted for by the total amount of bets bought & have won the particular prize.

Say for example, there are 100,000 entries that have won the 3rd Prize (RM168). The total payout would be RM16,800,000. Since this payout exceeds the maximum of RM10,000,000, it will be reduced accordingly. So we have:

10,000,000 / 100,000 = RM100

It is very unlikely that this scenario could happen. However if it does, every RM2 entry that wins the 3rd Prize will win RM100 in payout instead of RM168.

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