4D Jackpot in Malaysia

4D Jackpot In Malaysia

1+3D/4D Jackpot in Malaysia

Thinking of more ways to play the game? Well, think no more! We’re here to introduce you to an extension to our much popular 4D lottery game! Surely if its brother – 3D has a Jackpot variation, then it will have one as well. Enter the 4D Jackpot. (or 1+3D Jackpot for those who buys from Damacai.)

1+3D or 4D Jackpot?

Yes, yes…. we understand the confusion. However, it is rather just a difference in the branding of this game, with minimal tweaks to the game rules by each lottery company that offers this variation. In spite of the difference in the names, the main concept of the game remains the same. For this very reason, we’ll explain to you the main concept of the game via this article & list out the specific rules offered by respective companies in subsequent articles. With that in mind, the names that the respective lottery companies employ for this variation is:
– Damacai – 1+3D Jackpot
– Magnum & Sports Toto – 4D Jackpot
– Sabah 88 – Sabah 4D Jackpot

Note: For ease of your understanding, we shall stick to the “4D Jackpot” naming convention for the rest of the article series; unless stated otherwise.

How to Play

As with the name of the game, the 4D Jackpot is merely an extension of our 4D Lottery game albeit with a (much) higher amount of cash prizes to win. To play a simple game of the 4D Jackpot, all you have to do is to pick 2 sets of 4-digit numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999. Further, each pair of numbers are considered as 1 normal buy that costs a minimum buy-in of RM2.
Note: The minimum buy-in of RM2 applies to only Damacai, Sports Toto & Magnum. Sabah 88’s variation of the 4D Jackpot costs RM1 minimum(excluding SST of 15%)

Straight Bet

The most basic yet straightforward way to play the game. This is the “Vanilla bet” that we have described in our previous entries here at 4DKitty. In other words, the lottery company will register your desired number pair as it is into their system for the draw.

Lucky Pick

If you’re the type that likes to leave things to fate or into 财神爷’s hands, then certainly the Lucky Pick (or Quick Pick for Sabah 88.) is your type of game! To explain it clearly, the lottery company will generate a randomized selection of 2 of 4-digit numbers via their system for your betting. Although that is the case, you can opt to decide either to have 1 or both of your 4D number pair to be randomized. The 4D numbers that are generated via Lucky Pick will have ”LP” indicated next to them. At any rate, the minimum amount payable for a Lucky Pick is still RM2.

Box (“Pau”) Bet

The next bet type we’re here to describe is the Box bet; or more commonly known as “Pau” (包字) bet. This type of bet allows you to cover (or “Pau”) all the possible permutations of your choice of numbers. In addition to that, it also allows you to choose to Box either 1 or both of your 4D number pair. However, do take note that your costs of buy-in increases with the number of permutations that you have covered. To illustrate this concept, we provide you with an example below:

1st 4D number
2nd 4D number
Payable Amount (RM)
8033 B12
(12×1) pairs x RM2 = RM24
3355 B6
(1×6) pairs x RM2 = RM12
0007 B4
5204 B24
(4×24) pairs x RM2 = RM92

Roll Bet

Here’s a scenario: I have a 3-digit number that’s considered as my lucky number, but I can’t decide what number should I choose to complete my set. So if you share the same scenario as that, then the Roll bet is here to save your day. This bet basically allows you to buy-in 10 unique numbers (aka 0-9) that’s combined to your desired 3-digit number. With that certainly in mind, you save the time of having to write the 0s to 9s of your desired complete set. However, do take a fair note that while most companies only allow you to roll 1 digit per number in a pair, Damacai allows you to roll 2 digits per number in a pair! To illustrate that example, refer the table below:

1st 4D number
2nd 4D number
Payable Amount (RM)
(10×1) pairs x RM2 = RM20
(10×10) pairs x RM2 = RM200
(10x10x10) pairs x RM2 = RM2,000
(10x10x10x10) pairs x RM2 = RM20,000

Combination Bet (Box & Roll)

If you’re looking to have a combination of bet types to complete your 4D number pair, then this is what you’re looking for! Likewise to the bet types as described above, you have the option to mix-and-match them to your liking, at a cost of course. At any rate this only makes your play even more exciting, increasing your chances of winning the Jackpot.

For instance,

1st 4D number
2nd 4D number
Payable Amount(RM)
8137 B24
(10×24) pairs x RM2 = RM480
6556 B6
(6×10) pairs x RM2 = RM120

System bet

Since a normal bet allows you to choose 1 pair of 4D numbers, the system bet enables you to go beyond the 2-number limit. With this bet, you can now buy a minimum of 3 to a whopping 20 numbers! This creates you more opportunities to win a prize, as it’s equivalent to buying the relevant pairs of 4D numbers, granting you with higher chances to win. Each System bet is labeled by a ”SB” on the betting paper.

To illustrate our explanation, we’ll provide you with 2 examples below in detail:

  1. Suppose that we buy 3 4D numbers – 1234,3456,5678. This meant we’re playing a System Bet 3 or SB03. In other words, it is the equivalent of wagering these 3 pairs of 4D numbers. Hence, providing you with 3 chances of winning.
    1234 + 3456 1234 + 5678
    3456 + 5678
  2. Suppose that we buy 5 4D numbers – 1111,2222,3333,4444,5555. This meant we’re playing a System Bet 5 or SB05. Again, this is equivalent to buying 5 pairs of 4D numbers. Thus providing you with 10 chances of winning.
    1111 + 2222 1111 + 3333 1111 + 4444 1111 + 5555
    2222 + 3333 2222 + 4444 2222 + 5555
    3333 + 4444 3333 + 5555
    4444 + 5555
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