Different Lottery Games in Malaysia

Lottery Games In Malaysia

At the time of writing there are 7 main types of lottery games on offer with different variations offered by different companies. The companies in East Malaysia usually only employ the traditional 4-D lottery, whilst the companies in the Peninsular offers many types of variations of the games.

Types of Lottery Games in Malaysia

3-D lottery

The first type of lottery game we introduce is the 3-D (or 3-Digits in full). Gamers will first pick a 3-digit number ranging from 000 to 999 and wager a minimum bet of RM1 with the lottery company.

Aside from straight bets, there are variations to this game whereby gamers could buy different permutations of the 3-digit number, called a Box bet or ‘Pau’ (FYI, a permutation is where the positions of the chosen number interchange with each other; Eg 393 , 933, 339 are possible permutations of the number 393) Some lottery companies offer Roll bets, where it allows the gamer to roll any digit of his/her 3-D number. For example, if you roll the front digit or R18 (R stands for ‘Roll’), a set of 10 numbers will be generated 018,118,218,…,918.

There are currently 3 companies offering 3-D betting – Da Ma Cai, Sabah 88 & Special Cashsweep. Since there are 3 prizes available to win during each draw – 1st prize, 2nd prize & 3rd prize, there is a 1/240 (0.42%) chance of winning a prize in a straight bet game mathematically.

4-D lottery

4-D lottery (or 4-Digits) is arguably the most popular game on offer in Malaysia. Similar to the 3-D lottery, gamers pick a 4-digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999 and wager a minimum bet of RM1, there are no maximum bets for this game.

Due to the complexity of the 4-D lottery, there are 23 prizes up for grabs – 1x 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize, 10x Special prizes & 10x Consolation prizes. All of the prizes offer cash rewards, but different categories offer different rewards. Mathematically there is a 23/5040 (0.45%) chance of striking a prize during a draw for a classic straight bet.

However, the odds can be extended with the different variations of betting that the lottery operators in Malaysia offers. Box bets are one of the variations mentioned. Box bet or ‘Pau’, allows gamers to buy all the possible permutations of the chosen numbers. (For example, there are 24 permutations 1234, and 12 permutations for 1122). Hence, this increases the chances of gamers to strike a winning number. However, the costs are increased as well since 1 permutation corresponds to a new bet wagered. (24 permutations will cost RM24 for example)

To cut the costs of some gamers and make it inexpensive and fun for gamers to win, some companies offer IBOX, mBox or i-Perm plays. This type of bet is similar to the ‘Pau’ bets mentioned above, but gamers only have to pay a single bet to cover the number permutations instead of having to pay a bet for each permutation. Although the odds are increased, but the amount of cash rewards are decreased accordingly to the amount of permutations wagered.

The last type of variation is the Lucky Pick. This game is basically tailored for gamers who wishes to bet but can’t decide at the counter. So, the computer will generate a random set of 4 digit numbers for the gamer. So if the gamer wins a prize, he surely made a ……. lucky pick .

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