Guide to 3D Lottery in Malaysia I

3D Lottery Games in Malaysia

3-Digit lottery (or 3D Lottery in short) is one of the many lottery games offered in Malaysia and its neighbour Singapore. It allegedly has its origins credited from a young schoolboy who tried to raffle off his bicycle in Kulim, Kedah in 1951. The 2-digit raffle ticket that the boy sold to interested parties for $1 each, eventually evolved into the 3-D lottery of today.

Where is it offered?

Currently there are only 3 out of 6 lottery companies in Malaysia that offers the 3D lottery and they are:
Sabah 88
Special Cashsweep

How to Play?

Players will only have to pick a 3-digit combination of their liking ranging from 000 to 999 and wager a minimum of RM1 bet. However, people who places their bets in East Malaysia will be liable for a State Sales Tax (SST) (It is estimated to be 15% SST in Sabah, and 10% SST in Sarawak so players beware!)

There are 2 types of bet that players can choose to place their bets – “ABC” (Big) or “A”(Small)

”ABC” (Big)
offers 3 winning numbers for you to match – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize.
offers only 1 winning number to match – 1st Prize.

Variations of Bets

In a simple game of 3D lottery, there are different ways to increase the player’s chances of winning a prize. Each method is unique on their own and tailors to the player’s appetite for risk. We describe each method as:

Straight Bet

Players simply have to select a 3-number combination from 000 to 999.

Lucky Pick

This is basically a lucky number generated by the lottery company’s computer-generated system. At Damacai, there will be a LP indicated beside your choice of number.

Box Bet

A box bet allows players to cover all permutations of their choice of 3D number. For example, if a player picks a Box Bet on 366, then 366, 636 & 663 are all covered. The minimum bet amount will then be RM3 for 3 permutations of 3D (RM1 for each permutation) .

The number of permutations will thus depend on the 3D number of your choice:

Category of 3D number
Example of 3D number
Number of Permutations
Minimum Bet Amount
All three digits are different
Two of the three digits are the same

Roll Bet or 3D Roll

A roll bet allows players to roll any digit of their 3D number. Eg, if a player decides to roll the front digit or R93 (R indicates Roll), a set of numbers is then generated ie 093, 193, 293, 393, …., 993. Players can also choose to roll the 2nd or 3rd digits of their number. The roll bet will have a minimum bet amount of RM10 as players will then have 10 individual 3D numbers. (In short this saves your time from writing 0 to 10 lah…)

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