Guide to 3D Lottery in Malaysia III

3D Lottery Games in Malaysia

This is Part 3 of the 3D Lottery in Malaysia Series

For those of you who have a hunger for higher winnings and want to remain in 3D lottery gaming, there are different variations of games on offer. So, strap in your lucky outfit, and prepare your bets!
Note: This section mainly applies to Damacai’s 3D games and not Sabah 88 or Special Cashsweep’s.

3D Jackpot

This is simply a game of The more you match, the more you win (and maybe just maybe, the jackpot)

How To Win

The table below will illustrate how to win, and what players will win:

Prize Category
How To Win
Winning Amount
Max Payout
All 3 sets of 3D numbers match the Top 3 prizes in any order of the results
Minimum RM600,000
No Limit
2nd Prize
Any 2 sets of 3D numbers match the Top 3 prizes in any order of the results
Consolation Prize
Any 1 set of 3D numbers match the Top 3 prizes in any order of the results

*Based on RM2 bet, with Damacai’s T&C apply.

How To Play

The minimum bet for this game is RM2 and increments are in multiples of RM2 (RM4, RM6, RM8,…)
Players first pick 3 sets of 3D numbers ranging from 000 to 999 to form a composition of 3D numbers. For example:

387 B6 + 252 B3 + 889 B3

Furthermore, to increase your chances of winning, these numbers are automatically boxed(meaning all permutations of the chosen numbers are covered) and the 3D Jackpot result is based on the 3D draw results.

(Game Info: Due to the complexity of the game, there are multiple ways of playing the 3D Jackpot. In fact, always remember that the basis of play is to pick your 3D Numbers in sets of 3.)

Straight Bet

The most basic type of play of all – simply select your favourite 3 sets of numbers from 000 to 999.

Lucky Pick

Lucky Pick is basically a lucky number generated by the lottery’s company’s generated system. Players can choose to combine 1 or 2 Lucky Pick numbers or opt for all 3 Lucky Pick numbers in their combination.

System Bet

This type of bet is for those of you who have more than 3 favourite 3D numbers. Simply speaking, players get to increase their chances of winning by buying combinations of more than just 3 numbers to form their favourite 3D Jackpot combination.

The minimum is 4 sets of numbers to a maximum of 25 sets of 3D numbers and are named accordingly from System Bet 4(SB4) to System Bet 25(SB25).

Players will have the option to select all Self-Picked numbers, a combination of Lucky Pick & Self-Picked numbers or all Lucky Pick 3D numbers.

The table below will illustrate the costs of wagering a System Bet.

System Bet (SB)
No.4 of 3D Numbers
No.4 of 3D Sets
Total Bet Amount



Rules of the Game

The minimum pooled prize winning of the game is RM600,000 or any such amount as determined by Damacai will be allocated as the Jackpot pool.

If there is no winner for a particular 3D Jackpot Game draw, a 20% amount(or termed as “snowballed amount”) of the current Prize Pool will be added to the minimum Jackpot prize money of RM600,000 for the next immediate draw. If there is still no winner for the next round, the existing snowballed amount will be carried forward to the next draw. The Prize pool is 55% of the total amount of bets accumulated for each 3D Jackpot draw.

As a result, each winning is entitled to claim on Prize Category only , ie the highest Prize Category.

It is likely that there may be more than one player winning the Jackpot and as a result, the prize will be divided amongst the winning players based on the weightage of bets wagered.

For Example:

There are 3 winners with the following bets:
Winner A bet RM2
Winner B bet RM6
Winner C bet RM10

Hence, Winner A will be entitled to 2/18 (or 1/9) of the Jackpot prize, Winner B will win 6/18 of the prize whilst Winner C will get 10/18 of the prize.

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