Magnum Life in Malaysia

Magnum Life in Malaysia

Magnum Life

You! Have you ever wondered….. hmm what can I do if I’m rich, and don’t have to work for the rest of my life? or Wouldn’t it be amazing if I get paid every day without ever working for it?

Well don’t let that thought and idea go, cause it’s possible with Magnum Life! This game nets you RM1,000 a day for the next 20 years of your life! To put it simply, if you win this game, you win at Life!
(Oops, got a little bit carried away there. Back to topic….)

This game was launched recently in Malaysia by the Magnum Corporation Sdn. Bhd. on the 23rd of April 2018, in conjunction of its Golden anniversary. For your information, Magnum Life succeeded the “Magnum 4D Powerball” game which was launched merely 2 years prior.

How To Play?

In order to play a game of Magnum Life, all you have to do is pick 8 lucky numbers ranging from 1 to 36. This number combination will be picked in ascending order in whichever fashion that you wish for it to be but there can be no repetition of the chosen numbers within your 8-number combination.

And almost certainly, this whole process only costs you RM1. (Yes, just RM1)
And yes, Life’s just that simple… play.

There will be a draw for this game on every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday of the week + the occasional Special Draws on Tuesdays on selected weeks as well.

Straight bet

This type of bet is quite clearly explained in our short introduction above. Dubbed the Vanilla bet of all bets, all you have to do is to pick 8 numbers from 1 to 36 and they will be registered into the lottery company’s computer system as it is.
This type of bet only costs you RM1.

Lucky Pick

If you can’t decide what’s the best number for you, and wish to put it to 财神爷’s hands. Enter Lucky Pick. With Lucky Pick, you no longer have to worry and stress over what number to choose as the lottery company’s computer generates random 8 numbers to be your winning combination. Best part, this only costs you RM1 per draw!

Talk about Luck eh?

Combination Play

Thinking how to complete the chosen numbers you have? This type of play easily combines the Straight bet with the Lucky Pick, hence giving you the freedom to mix and match the numbers to make up your winning combination. The costs of this play is RM1 as well.

System Play

Maybe you want to increase your chances outside of the 8-number constraint. With System Play, you now can buy up to 15 numbers from the original 8 to up your odds of winning the lottery!

With this in mind, the concept is in a way that players get to pick 9 to 15 numbers from 1 – 36. These numbers bought will then be compared against the winning draw of the day. However, you should take note that the cost increases with the amount of numbers bought as well.

We shall illustrate the difference in costs with the table below:

Total Numbers in System
Amount Payable(RM)

How To Win

There will be 8 numbers drawn on every draw day. (Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays of every week, sometimes’ on Tuesdays too.) On top of that, there are 2 bonus numbers drawn as well so that brings us to a total of 10 numbers you can match with.

*Disclaimer: The pictures used in this article are properties of Magnum Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

How To Check?

You can simply find the results of the draw from Magnum’s website for results.

Alternately, you can also stay-tuned here at 4DKitty as we will bring you future updates to a variety of results!

Prize Structures

Arguably the most important part of this article, we can’t possibly go about explaining the mechanics of the game without ever touching on the winning structure right?

Well, the prizes that you could stand a chance winning are described in the table below:

Grand Prize
All 8 winning numbers matched.
RM1,000 a day, every day for
20 years
2nd Prize
7 winning numbers + 1 Bonus number matched.
RM1,000 a day, every day for
100 days


Ways To Win
Prize Payout (RM)
3rd Prize
7 winning numbers matched.
4th Prize
6 winning numbers + 1 Bonus number matched.
5th Prize
6 winning numbers matched.
6th Prize
5 winning numbers + 1 Bonus number matched.
7th Prize
5 winning numbers matched.
8th Prize
4 winning numbers + 1 Bonus number matched.

Game Rules

  1. The total prize amount that is equivalent to 4 Grand Prizes will be divided evenly if there are more than 4 Grand Prize winners in a draw.
  2. The total prize amount that is equivalent to 16 2nd Prizes will be divided evenly if there are more than 16 2nd Prize winners in a draw.
  3. The maximum payout for each prizes from the 3rd to the 8th Prize is RM5,000,000.00.

Magnum Life uses the following prize names below, so don’t feel confused when you come across any!

Group 1: Grand Prize / 1st Prize
Group 2: 2nd Prize
Group 3: 3rd Prize
Group 4: 4th Prize
Group 5: 5th Prize
Group 6: 6th Prize
Group 7: 7th Prize
Group 8: 8th Prize

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